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Mig og min partner interrailer, og planen var at tage fra Paris til Manchester i morgen. Var nede at bestille plads, og får så at vide at der ikke er nogen interrail billetter, og at man skal regne med at bestille en måned før.

Nå men er der nogen der har tips til hvordan vi kommer til England uden at flyve? Det lyder til at færgerne i Calais ikke tager gående for tiden.

#dansk #DanskerTrut

I Bordeaux så jeg dette fugletårn til duer. Der var virkelig mange duer. Ikke bare på taget, men også i nærheden.

Inspireret af @rune har jeg købt en baguette i Frankrig.

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hello friends and new friends.

a reminder to NOT censor words when you type them out.

There is no algorithm to remove "bad posts" it's all just chronological.

And there are filters in place that you have to use the exact spelling for. So if you use asterisks instead... then the filters can't work.

Just spell the word out. And, if it's that bad, put it under a CW.

I know that emoticons are not as fashionable anymore, but I really wish the mastodon web ui would let me enter emoticons without obtrusive hard-to-dismiss dialog for picking emojis.

Ok he walked around the building for some reason 🤣
Finally!!!! Now I will celebrate by going for a run or something

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Ok I see the courier van and ran down the stairs. Now I don't see them coming 😬

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@Tak I once had trouble paying for renewing a domain. The button to send the payment was disabled for some unknown reason. I ended up un-disabling the button in the browser developer tools. It worked! I was scared that I had paid 50 eur for nothing :D

For the third day in a row I'm waiting on the courier to pick up my parcel. First day the courier left before I could get downstairs from 3rd floor, and yesterday our 'middleman' rescheduled the pickup for today despite us having made arrangements with the courier directly for a pickup yesterday.

I'm fscking tired of this bullshit and staying at home all day 3 days in a row >:(

This website is telling me that video playback aborted due to a network error meanwhile the video is still playing in the background.

Hello! I want to run a instance with some friends. We have hardware that we own collectively, and we use a mix of docker and ansible scripts (something I'm not too familiar with still).

We are thinking of running the fork. I would appreciate tips or examples on how to using , and administration tips on limiting disk usage for example - we run Matrix and other services on the same hardware.

Boosts appreciated.

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Permamently quit #facebook recently, wish I could do it again.

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Hi, I'm Levi.

Professionally, I'm an irrehabilitable software engineer.

Unprofessionally, I erratically contribute to pieces of free software (including #Mastodon and #Tusky), read novels, play video games, and try to productively stimulate/encourage my two young children.


Tusky is helpful in reminding me that I boosted a toot from my other profile a few minutes ago.

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I am having fun learning about ipv6 by debugging the MirageOS ipv6 stack. I have a really poor understanding of ipv6, and I find this is a great way to learn.

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for every engineer who moves fast and breaks things, there are four more who move slow and fix things. and they're tired of the first engineer's bullshit

I spent just about all day removing spam and malicious users from our gitea instance. One of them was hogging our machine with cryptomining crap in our CI. And I'm afraid it's been going unnoticed for about a month :/

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