The correct translation of the area I live in is "sound city", but apparently the officials responsible for an English translation suck at marketing and just used the danish word that sounds like nonsense in English "Sundby"

I used to have HDR capabilities with my roku stick (the TV does after all), but I'm just playing directly from a linux machine to my TV over HDMI now and I haven't bothered looking into if I can get HDR working.

Tbh, it could just be a limitation of the jellyfin desktop app.

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You'd think 57Mbps would be enough to have deep blacks. Maybe it's a problem with the HDR -> SDR mapping? 🤔

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my favorite past time activity is watching the new batman movie in a poor encoding where anything black/dark is just a smudge (95% of the movie).

Ever so tired you can't go into work but also feeling guilty about explaining that you want to work from home today?

I guess it's a good thing my work doesn't care too much..

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Me, a color blind person, testing colorblind modes in Overwatch: Well, these are all so much worse than no filter

How are old world of warcraft music video simultaneously so shitty and so good?

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USERS: we love mastodon but it has problems
MASTODON: great we'll fix them
USERS: do you want to know what they are
MASTODON: absolutely not registrations closed during these uncertain times. (they were also closed before, but I'm not missing out on claiming this as the cause)

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weird how I'm already jaded by twitter migrations

I'm not even kidding. I opened Overwatch 2 and kept it in the background just to see if I could make it past the queue. After an hour (50k in queue) I was instantly booted from the server as I got to "log in"

oh no, my gotosocial instance has died of rate limiting.

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This content is not available in your country/region.

I'm gonna go ahead and do a quote posting just because I know Eugen hates it.

Yo, wtf, why is masto soc and masto onl diverging further and further from my instance running the lastest release?

Overwatch 2 is dead. It was fun while it lasted. RIP.

Yeaahh. it's not gonna happen. I guess it was fun playing 3 games after waiting an hour in queue.

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