Father please forgive me for I have sinned. I installed and configured a ssh daemon inside a docker contain

Groundhog day except it's one of those days where you just cannot wake up and get out of bed, so it's like 3:30 pm before you get out of bed and the loop resets almost right away.

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Question for people in the medical field, please boost 

A while ago, I unsuccessfully tried to get my hands on some papers about CHH (cartilage-hair hypoplasia) by trying to directly contact several authors of these papers, but I never even got a reply from any of them.
(The freely accessible papers are already part of my CHH-folder, of course.)

Now, after reading a similar request elsewhere, I though I'll just try and naively ask around here (waving vaguely towards the scholar.social instance) - does anybody have access to any papers regarding CHH and could send them to me?

The thing is, CHH is quite rare (about 1 in a million in most populations, except in the Finnish and the Amish), so there's little research and afaik no books about it, and it would be nice if affected people could at least get access to the existing research results somehow.

Wait, hold up. It's august 11th today. Why did I write august 8th? That's even worse.

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No matter what I reply it sounds like I dropped the ball by not following up, but honestly it makes no sense why there's a problem and no one has bothered to tell me what the problem is.

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Work, caps 

What do I even reply? Sorry some time between 24 and 48 hours after I was indirectly asked to wait for info I FUCKING FORGOT because I have other stuff to do than keep track of who has to tell me their problems?!?

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Work, caps 

My boss on August 1st: this manager is freaking out about some problem do you have time to help?
Me, on Aug 1st: yeah, sure
My boss on Aug 1st: okay, someone from their team will reach out with information about the problem
The manager on August 8th: hey Rune did you have time to look into our problem?


This didn't even happen recently. I'm still reeling from that happening 5 years ago. They weren't even sitting on my floor so they must have sprinted over and jumped into the elevator to make it to my desk so fast.

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Hey did you get that email I sent to you 30 seconds ago?

And other deranged things people say in offices

We had a professor one semester who straight up just showed us the white paper he wrote during his research and then put us into groups to work on implementing that for 4 months. Then we presented our implementations and got an individual grade for presentation.

There were no learning goals. It was complete fucking nonsense. On paper we weren't supposed to learn anything and all grades assigned for the course were 100% horse shit since you're measured against nothing.

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"So the Hyperloop, for example, [Musk] admitted to his biographer that the reason [it] was announced—even though he had no intention of pursuing it—was to try to disrupt the California high-speed rail project and to get in the way of that actually succeeding."

source gizmodo.com/silicon-valleys-tr

the thing that really gets me about universities is that they make employees teach even if all they want to do is do research.

In retrospect it makes so much sense it was shit when neither the students nor the teacher wanted to be there.

And all the subject lines are scary because we only use this mailing list for operational incidents. When I woke up I thought I'd have to look for a new job cause the whole company imploded.

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I'm not even embellishing. I received 122 emails over about 20 minutes on our main mailing list that goes out to everyone. That's gotta be like 60-70k emails sent out.

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Good morning to the person who set an out of office message policy a month ago not realizing our mailing system doesn't support that and who's mail client then auto replied a hundred times to a mailing list going out to the whole company this morning when they opened up their laptop. One cup of embarrassment coming right up.

Using my phone with no cover in is extremely freaky. I can barely even type right now.

I recently was at two interviews where the candidates wrote some very idiomatic unreadable python and after the interview I talked to the my colleague and was like "so, uh, that's just the union operator ('|') in ruby, literally 1 character and then the inputs on either sides.

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Using ruby for job interviews is cheating because all the code challenges are already in the standard library so you can usually solve the problem in 5 characters.

Of course if they use Golang they then can't hire you because you haven't shown you can mindlessly reimplement basic library functions

Not complaining 

She's not actually the worst but she keeps complaining that I'm complaining about Golang instead of her 😪

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