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As #GoogleIsEvil, G👀gle does evil things. This time they want every website, to OPT OUT of their spyware by setting a specific HTTP header.

So some people are (thinking of) sending patches to all the webserver software maintainers and urging every FUCKING SITE on the internet to apply that HTTP header.

Are you fucking INSANE?

How about creating a new HTTP status/error code:
"666: Fuck off G👀gle"

and return that to every user using #Google Chrome

Adapting the internet to G👀gle's whims 🤦

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I guess I'm kinda liking how easy it is to find the methods once I know which module to look in.

Tab completion is excellent in iex so writing "List." and tabbing shows all options (including number of arguments for overloads).

So it's a quite seamless flow to get help on a method typing "h List." then tabbing, then choosing ".last" and getting the specific docs.

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Getting started with Elixir is proving more difficult than expected.

I've grown very used to everything being objects. Elixir being more functional means I have to reference the type's corresponding module instead of checking the objects methods.

> [1, 2].first
=> 1

> List.first([1, 2])
=> 1

Although I suppose it'll pay off in the end through being more explicit and simplifying weird object inheritance stuff..

I started my career as a developer, but apparently I no longer understand them well enough to communicate about technical problems in the space between code and the underlying infrastructure.

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I've discovered that I lost the ability to communicate with developers.

wow, that's silly... Asana will live update tasks being created/renamed by someone else... But the actual changes are chunked into inputs and pushed over the network with huge latency.

So every few seconds a few characters appear in the title field, but it's basically useless because it takes so long for the full title to appear.

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Kubernetes seems very futuristic until you try to use ipv6, like at all.

Kubernetes 1.21 came out 8 days ago so you probably still shouldn't rush to use ipv6..

It's weird how people used to think the future would be "post scarcity" but actually we're just perfecting artificial scarcity and paying millions for NFTs which are literally worthless.

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@rune i get forced to open chrome every time i start up teams

fuck i hate the future

Don't worry. All my websites respect your decision to be tracked by Google, which you consciously made when you opened chrome today.

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@aral how long until a modification breaks this? giving it a month.

I should elaborate.

Personally I think people should use whatever browser they want.

You may of course also do whatever you want with any website/web server you operate.

But I won't listen to anyone saying that I'm somehow complicit in a person choosing to give their data to Google. That's just consenting adults doing weird things...

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If you really want to help people's privacy, then instead of blocking FLoC just skip a few steps and block people using Google Chrome.

You should show them a page explaining that Chrome is shit and they can't use your page until they get a better browser.

Otherwise you're clearly complicit in privacy invasion /s

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fucking zoomers, now i have to go to urban dictionary to know what the fuck you mean
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Do we Need #Nuclear Energy to Stop #ClimateChange?

Do we need nuclear #energy to stop climate change? More and more voices from #science, #environmental activists and the press have been saying so in recent years – but this comes as a shock to those who are fighting against nuclear energy and the problems that come with it.

So who is right? Well - it is complicated.

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