The OCR built into mastodon is just really good.

It might turn out horrible if the image is difficult to OCR, but most of the time it just outputs 99% correct text.

I would rarely have the energy to type out all the text from an image, but fixing 5 words? Sure thing.

I think it's neat that the open source community provides vampires and werewolves with important applications like these completely free of charge.

Wouldn't wanna accidentally be outside during sunrise or a full moon 🦇 :blobwolf:

Apparently nobody bothers to check that their "app" works if you open it, leave it alone for a while, and then come back :blobshrug:

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You can visibly tell I've lost faith in a lot of web "apps".

Whenever something isn't updating in the UI I just assume it's broken and refresh the page.

A lot of the time the whole experience would honestly be less painful if I knew I had to refresh (and it wasn't bloaty javascript)

Whelp, I've procrastinated setting up an XMPP server for two days now. If only I had put that in a to do list so I could cross it off and feel accomplished.

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I've been dreading this moment.

Those of us who took up "free Gmail for your domain forever" back around 2008 are now faced with "pay us a monthly fee or lose every purchase linked to your account".

There's no ability to migrate apps, media, etc to another account of course. This feels like extortion.

Is it possible to get the ACCC involved in something like this? I have no idea how to navigate something like that.

lol, "DNS4EU" more like "pls let us decide what you can do on the web"

It would have been a thousand times better if they just wrote some legislation on how DNS must be run / how DNS customer data can be used.

disability, meta, TV show 

It's a good thing blind people cannot see the TV show "See" because I bet they would spend the whole time yelling at the TV about how it makes no sense how people walk/behave/interact with the world.

I have never had my vision impaired but even I can barely suspend the disbelief.

covid, an other day an other record 

3,15% of all historic covid cases in Denmark were found today :thisisfine:

About 0,67% of the population was tested positive today.

The story of Henrietta Lacks blows my mind every time I come back to it.

It's just so strange, unlikely, absurd, and.. Sad.

This one woman's misfortune is directly related to countless medical breakthroughs saving millions of lives.

Probably mh? 

It's a good thing my datastructures and algorithms professor can't see how I'm living in a total mess of an apartment.

He would rightfully assume I didn't understand his lecture on amortization.

Look, know it would be easier if I just cleaned up a little every day, but apparently I prefer to live in filth and feeling guilty until I am forced to clean everything up at once by some external factor :ablobgentlespin:

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It’s so fucking funny that the Critical Role people secured the bag from Amazon then turned to all the Kickstarter backers, shrugged, and said “you can get the 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime if you want to watch the show idk.”

me: *encourages illegal activity*
fedi: *favs and boosts*

Did I post in the middle of anarchist fedi hours or is the average fedizen becoming radicalized?

This message brought to you by SGX Deprecation making 4k blueray disks worthless and netflix preventing my girlfriend from watching shows she paid for just because she had the audacity to go to another country on vacation.

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Don't forget to pirate all your media so you don't inevitably get screwed over by the very people you're paying

Customer view:
1. The application was a little slow today for 4 minutes

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Today we had an almost outage at work. I still can't get over how smoothly it went.

1. An issue starts happening in a few systems
2. Within 8 minutes an alarm has fired and been escalated by the OPS team
3. After 18 min the developers and sysadmins are looking into it before the application actually started slowing down / going offline
4. The application finally starts slowing down noticeably
5. A mitigation is implemented after 4 minutes, which completely prevents the outage.

>There is an absolute deadline for replying to requests from a registered person of three months. However, the vast majority of the requests are not complicated, so they must
be answered within one month of receipt.

Shitty company: ---
Datatilsynet: *disapointed noises*

>If the controller fails to comply with the data subject’s request for access and the data subject
is dissatisfied with this, the data subject may subsequently complain to the data protection au-
Oh you bet I will

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Other interesting parts from their email:

>[The] period may be extended by two months, if necessary, taking into account the complexity
and number of the request. The controller shall inform the registrant of any such extension
within one month of receipt of the request, together with the reasons for the delay.

They did not inform me that it would take over a month. Or reply to me at all.

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It's a little disappointing that Datatilsynet seems to always take a full month to respond to my messages (which is their deadline), but I guess at least they reply unlike that shitty company.

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