Way to completely undermine the point of torrents on multiple fronts :blobshrug:

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TIL "Cloud Based" torrent clients are a thing...

I really dislike when people at work start a text chat by writing "hi" and then waiting for me to reply before making their request or asking a question.

Get over the formalities.. I just want to know how long it takes to help you so I can decide whether I should answer now or later..

The incredible part of this story is that the printer can still scan. It must still have some ink in the cartridge.

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A short story about printers..

gf: "we have a printer"
me: "does it ever work?"
gf: "it scans stuff sometimes.. but it doesn't print"
me: "so you actually just have a scanner"
gf: "its a scanner..."

Accidentally detached the wrong disk from my zfs pool... Oh well I guess we're resilvering 22TB of data today 🥳

23:18:09 [crit] pool "rpool" usage reached 95%

I'm not sweating.. you're sweating!

medical textbooks aren't beating around the bush, lewd 

Thought you were just gonna learn medicine from this book but they managed to cram a sex lexicon into it as well!

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medical textbooks aren't beating around the bush, lewd 

A translation of my girlfriends danish medical text book.
They really got me on their elaboration of the sexual term for "oral-anal contact" 😂

"Hepatitis A infects feco-orally, which means by ingestion of virus excreted from fecal matter from an infected person. In the current context we're looking at sexual oral-anal contact (also called rimming), but typically infection happen through ingestion of fecal-contaminated food or water."

I don't think enough people appreciate that "fedeproxy" means "fat proxy" in Danish.
Or I guess, in slang, it could be "[the] cool proxy" :blobthinkingeyes:


% uptime
14:18:49 up 3 days, 17:13, 4 users, load average: 19.23, 18.50, 16.29

That's a lot of load

To make matters worse 4 of my original 6 disks are currently running in another pool in another machine.

Doing my best to unconsciously replicate the thought experiment.

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When my new disks arrive my ZFS pool will have completed it's 5 year ship of Theseus journey.

Disks have been added, replaced, and RMA'd. Some of the original data remains, but the pool itself is in metaphysical limbo.

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From Drew DeVault's blog,
"In praise of PostgreSQL":

"After 25 years of persistence, and a better logo design, Postgres stands today as one of the most significant pillars of profound achievement in free software, alongside the likes of Linux and Firefox. PostgreSQL has taken a complex problem and solved it to such an effective degree that all of its competitors are essentially obsolete, perhaps with the exception of SQLite."


I had a class on presentation and speech in university and to this day it's hard for me to say/write lists of not exactly 3 things.

Supposedly it makes your speech more likable because something about humans being suckers for the number 3.

At this point the only thing we've established is that I'll go full cargo cult for a good word.

anthropomorphizing is the longest English word I can almost spell

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My favorite theme in TV and movies is anthropomorphizing of robots and machines.

I'm absolutely fascinated by how it explores non-human emotions, personality, and their interactions with the world.

I couldn't figure out why everyone was talking about coin bot follows until I remembered I have to check my follow requests.. Good thing the bots aren't gonna feel let down by me forgetting about their requests.

Father please forgive me for I have sinned... I purchased 36TB of storage.. And that was just this week! and it's Monday!

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