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oh no, my server has 34 days uptime. This demands immediate attention.

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You can really feel the old people flashing their privilege these days.

2 out of ~30 people in the super market with masks on. The guy behind me in line couldn't even be bothered to keep distance until I turned around and call him out on it.

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ah, found it..

So apparently this only affects people not configuring TLS (because that's then what starts on port 2376).

I guess I'm slightly less pissed off that it's not literal garbage... But there are still dozens of issues on the Gitlab issue tracker all looking for a fix to this and it's something this dumb?!

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And, here's the thing that really fucking gets me.

Docker doesn't implement an "UNEXPOSE" feature.

That's right, the only way to fix this is to build the entire image yourself from scratch.

And I can't even find the source.

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What the fucking shit, people?

Probably hundreds of thousands of hours wasted every year because of 4 useless characters in a single Dockerfile!

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Apparently everyone running Docker's official docker-in-docker image in Gitlab CI are wasting 30 seconds every single fucking job...

This happens because Docker introduced garbage into their Dockerfile 2 years ago and this breaks Gitlab CI's health check.

docker:18.09.8-dind changes the EXPOSE command to "EXPOSE 2375 2376", and then Gitlab just takes the last port. But nothing runs on port 2376 so Gitlab just hangs for 30 seconds before continuing...

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"Binding to an IP address without --tlsverify is deprecated. Startup is intentionally being slowed down to show this message"

The fucking nerve on these people.

I just remembered the twisted tea thing.

Those memes were everywhere, but haven't seen one since.

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Just went swimming less than 30 minutes after I ate dinner.

I like to live life dangerously like that..

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There is something incredibly American about this sfweekly.com/news/news-communi

The reasons for the problems are explained in the very first part of the article but then we just immediately forget that and start talking about how "armed police presence" is going to make downtown SF "safe".

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It's a bit wild to see the stalling US vaccination rates..

In 1-2 weeks Denmark will outpace the US on % of population with at least 1st vaccination.

And this is despite the fact that I still cannot get vaccinated in Denmark, but _nearly anyone_ in the US can go down and get vaccinated today (and have been able to for weeks).


Wow, apparently the entire country of Denmark registers 1-2 cases of tetanus a year. Thank goodness for vaccines.

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What's even the point of getting a tetanus shot if I can't ignore random scratches from rusty metal objects?

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nothing makes programmers madder than having to use the shit that programmers make for a living.

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The main purpose of google translate is to translate silly messages into languages your friends don't understand so that they have to use google translate to convert it back into something they understand.


Is "building border wall" the new fusion? Always 30 years away, but requiring constant funding?

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"Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announces plan to build border wall and arrest migrants"

I actually laughed out loud. I thought Trump already fixed the wall?

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