It really bothers me that people aren't more upset about the official signal servers running closed source code for nearly a year.

We've talked about it before. It's difficult to prove whether the servers are running the code in the public repo. But just the other day the number of commits DOUBLED when the repository was finally updated. 793 commits made over the past year but not published...

This isn't nit picking. For a year Signals servers used software that wasn't available to the users.

The fediverse had heated debates about where whatsapp users should move.

Signal was declared better than Telegram because their server is closed source.

But really both options were close sourced at that point. The only difference is that Telegram was upfront about explaining why their code wasn't open. While Signal wouldn't even acknowledge that they had betrayed the good will they've been coasting on for nearly a decade.


Signal still doesn't seem to have acknowledged it.

If 3rd party contributors to the Signal Server source code had not signed away their rights with CLAs then Signal would have been in flagrant violation of the AGPL license that they pretend their service uses.

So I guess my rant comes down to:

- I don't trust signal

- For fucks sake stop signing CLA's, half the time you don't even know the company is fucking you over

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