I don't even check to see if there's a way to not accept cookies on websites anymore... It takes so much fucking effort and half the time it's a trap.

Maybe it should just be illegal to do shady shit instead of this "consent" crap

I must have accepted like 30 popups today blocking most of my screen.

@rune I'm the exact opposite, and have developed a borderline petulant habit of never clicking accept, resorting to ignoring overlays, removing them with an ad blocker, reopening in private mode, or just leaving the website.
@Dee @rune you want to bother me? I do not want what you're putting behind that wall, then.

@rune I delete them from the DOM, I'm not agreeing to something just because of a bad UI.

@swiley I used to but it's so much effort. All the time. And even worse on mobile.

It's not sustainable 😔

@rune I click "Accept" and then I delete the cookies. Like a savage. Because I open all unknown pages in the guest profile.

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