It's hard for me to comprehend that homebrew has a living Linux community.

Like, it solves a problem that Linux already solves in 25 ways.. It's just.. Overkill?

I've always wanted my package manager to be backed by a git repo so big it takes 10 minutes to initialize

hmm.. homebrew doesn't have uninstall hooks which means formulas are trash for anything that modifies files outside it's cellar.

I know it's best not to, but it's already relevant in my first use-case. I guess I'll just leave a bunch of broken symlinks on uninstall..

@rune I think that's just Mac'ians that use Linux on the side (or switched) and don't want to change/duplicate their workflows.

@j12i the worst part is I kinda like it.

Homebrew packaging is much simpler than Debian packaging 😅

@j12i we need to ship some very company specific packages to some mac servers and devs using macs. Previously people have been just copying scripts and certs around.

Anyway, I don't use a mac so it's been easier using homebrew on Linux instead of booting a mac vm to work inside.

@rune I used homebrew on the university machines so I could install packages as an unprivileged user.

@reynir I run sudo in 3 out of 4 commands in my custom homebrew package so far :blobderpy:

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