Mpd apps were a bit lacking in functionality that I needed so I ended up building a "web app" that can do sleep timers and fix the system volume when I get it set too low while using the htpc for movies.

With that and a systemd timer, that starts music playback in the morning, I have completely substituted the sonos "smart" functionality on my sonos speakers.

As it looks right now I see no reason my next audio system needs to be sonos based. I've decoupled the software from the hardware and that's beautiful.

It might make sense to make a dedicated mpd rpi some day, when I do replace the speakers, but for now I live with the system volume occasionally having to be reset.

At the same time, by having my htpc bypass the smart TV, I don't need a complicated sound system that understands hdmi arc or the like. Any 5.1 system will do. At worst I'll need a dumb DAC to power the audio output.

@rune cool. Very cool. Does your system stream synchronized audio to different speakers / rooms?
Is it streaming done via icecast?

@andreasio my setup is very simple. My server sits next to the TV and sonos system with hdmi going into the TV and optical going into the sonos system.

I still rely on my sonos system to transmit audio to the back speakers over their proprietary wifi solution. I suppose I'd need to figure out a replacement for that to avoid running wires if I replaced it.

@rune cool. I am thinking of ikeas new flat speackers for background... But I'll probably never come around to do it

@andreasio I thought maybe snapcast could work for this use case, but it seems like they focus mostly on multi-room music.

I can't find anything documented about 5.1 setups even though it seems like it wouldn't be that different? 🤔

@rune do not know. I've given up. Last i looked into it, it think hifiberry was promising.

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