Surprise! When you force Big Tech to do the right thing, it turns out not to be such a "world-ending" event as they'd like you to believe:

"#Apple is opening up iPhones and Macs to at-home repairs. The company plans to start selling parts and tools and offering instructions on how to repair Apple products at home, without having to bring them into a store or a third-party repair shop. Apple plans to start with the iPhone 12 and 13, followed by Macs with M1 chips."

@rysiek glad to hear it! As a former third party Apple repairman though I can’t help but wonder how they’re going to use this “at home repair” as leverage to undermine third party repair businesses 😕. Maybe I’m too jaded

@rysiek @awildthorp I opened the article and searched for "lawsuit". 0 results.

There is literally no way this isn't a play to fuck over 3rd party repair businesses.


@rysiek @awildthorp Feels awful being this pessimistic, but I'm trying to believe this at face value and it makes me so uncomfortable it's practically uncanny.

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