Ipv6 and utf-8 both came out around the time or right before I was born to solve tons of problems.

They're still not fully implemented and I still have to live with the consequences of IT people refusing to make logical decisions for longer than I have been alive.

In case you were wondering why I cynically don't expect ipv6 to ever replace ipv4.

I still can't make an ipv6 request without connecting to a VPN over ipv4.

And it's been less than two years since I earned a certificate with my middle name mangled by an idiot still not using utf-8.

At this rate I fully expect my gravestone to have my name mangled by a non utf-8 encoding.


The last time I had to fix an issue with non-utf-8 encodings in python was April, this year. In real software, used by real people, in 2021.

What a waste of life 🙄

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