Working in IT is weird.

Sometimes people are extremely careless about small things which have a disproportionately large impact on the systems they work with.

If you know pushing your commit can break things then maybe don't just blindly add everything in your CWD to the commit and push it without looking it over first.

If you're opening a new connection to some external service for each request maybe make sure it gets closed too.


If you're making changes to firewalls maybe just check for typos before you make the firewall shit itself

This actually goes double for configuration management systems.

If you are making changes to configuration you should at least verify that it works. Don't just leave chef-client failing every 30 minutes for days until someone else needs it to work and they have to fix your typos.

Nothing like wanting to make a simple change only to discover the CM was broken for days before you made any changes.

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