What is wordle and why do people keep bragging that they're better at it than I am? :blobcatsweats:

@Jo I have no idea what mastermind is either :blobimfine:

@Jo I've now played a game of wordle and can conform the suspicions. Everyone bragging that they are better than me are in fact better than me.

@rune Oh, it's a game in which you have to guess a sequence of colours within a set number of attempts, based only on the other player's hints as to the accuracy of your guess.

(Colour in code but wrong place, colour in code and right place, colour not at all in code, that sort of thing)

@Jo wait, I think I've seen that game once. The name must have totally slipped my mind

@rune It's a word game reminiscent of the old Mastermind game from the 70s and 80s.

People brag because bragging is fun. 😄

Personally, I don't play Wordle because the temptation to take a crossword solver to it was overwhelming and, if you do that, there's no point in playing.

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