slaaaaack is sooooo baaaaaaad

You might think I hold a grudge against slack, but I only talk shit about slack when it fails me.

I never think about slack except when it's being a piece of shit.

This is not useful software.

I accidentally had my screenshot tool set to wait 3 seconds before taking a screenshot and I still EASILY got a screenshot showing slack loading.. because it's still loading and I've already managed to take that screenshot and post it to fedi..

I'm not kidding it's still loading

I gave up and refreshed the page.. I must have hit one of the backends that actually work cause it loaded now within a few seconds.

The slack systems are genuinely sick from an operations perspective.

If you choose to use slack for your business then you're choosing to pay your employees to sit around and deal with this sickness. oh it's great, some days slack just goes down totally and I have an excuse to do nothing

@evelyn I just hate when only the attachments service stops working. Then I have to keep working AND the meme channel is useless.

@rune They already pay for Microsoft, waiting around is what they pay people for.

@kirjis The weird part is my employer doesn't even use microsoft products.. Still slack, though

@rune It is so carefully polished and yet clunky and cumbersome. For the love of shit, just implement tabs! There is no other way to manage 3-4 active conversations while also opening peoples profiles.

Shout out to the giant-ass profile popup that doesn't contain title/email, so in practice its worthless and I always "open full profile."

@unlofl At this point I'd settle for a messaging app that shows me the messages in a conversation within 30 seconds after I click on the conversation.

@rune oh, thats right, they've somehow trained me to expect scrolling through a few hundred lines of text to be jerky and disorienting.

I don't have issues stuff loading at all, I just have strange delays between computer/phone. Return from lunch, "well, guess they deleted that message?", mash refresh, etc.

@unlofl Oh, yeah, I have tons of that. Messages not appearing on one devices for 5-10 minutes. Sometimes my devices just stop receiving messages at all and I suddenly find out when I check another device later.

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