I think it's fascinating that when you learn as a kid that planes fly over greenland to go from europe to america it's somehow explained as "due to the curvature of the earth it's faster to go up over the pole"

When the correct answer is literally "We fly over greenland because it's the straight way there"

It's basically like we're all in a flat earth society cult but instead of the earth being flat we all agree it has magical speed altering space time curvatures to help planes fly fast.

Well, the first expression isn't wrong, it's just a more convoluted way of saying it. 😅

@NicholasLaney It's correct in the least correct way possible. It explains the result without explaining the basic facts to understand how you get to the result.

It can be traslated as "since the earth is a geoid you can go up and down over the border of your 2d map". 😆

@rune I wonder if this is in some ways a consequence of the fact that a lot of schools can't afford to just get a fucking globe to have in the classroom.

@Owlor I do wonder how many weird situations we have because most people have at most seen a globe one time when they were 10 and never again.

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