Torrenting rare content be like:

Downloading from 0 of 0 peers
229.5MB of 1.25GB (18.2%) - remaining time unknown

Mysterious peer with some amount of the data where did you go? How much data do you have? Will I ever see you again?

@rune stay calm, I know they might come back some day

I once had a torrent sit at 60% for two months but some peer came back and got it to finish

@rune After I eventually finished a torrent like that, I have been diligently seeding it for the last year

There was a torrent that was at 0% in my client for over three years, and as far as I could find the file didn't exist anywhere else on the internet (including some invite-only FTP sites…) other than this single torrent. But somehow, earlier this year a single person appeared out of the blue and seeded the torrent until I was at 100%, then disappeared again almost immediately after.

Naturally I've been diligently seeing said torrent since. Still completely mystified as to why and how it happened…

@nytpu @rune @niconiconi Maybe we need a torrent client that downloads all torrents in the DHT, hashes all your files, and then (partially) seeds any for which you have any of the data.


Once we have quantum computing,
someone's gonna start coding a torrent client that constructs the blocks out of thin air. 😏

@nytpu @rune @niconiconi

@nytpu @rune Sometimes folks reconstruct a torrent if they see it got a bunch of leechers.

@rune I waited three years for a 99.9% torrent to complete before someone came online and it completed. (Entire Seinfeld series in potato resolution.)
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