If we cared at all we'd teach kids how tax brackets work so we'd have less adults who don't fucking get it.

@rune Fucking modern life skills! How to file a 1040, how credit scores work, how to set up a wifi router, how to change your oil, etc.

@unlofl those are nice to haves, but it just wrecks my brain reading people blatantly failing to understand how tax brackets work. It's no wonder half the voters in every country votes for lower taxes. They straight up don't comprehend they won't benefit.

@rune @unlofl

My dad strongly encouraged me to take a Personal Finance class in college, and I am so fucking glad I did.

Nevermind that taxes are purposely overcomplicated in the US (see lobbying by Turbotax, etc. to keep it that way). I can still barely comprehend my taxes and rely on software.

Don't get me started on predatory lending/credit.

But I am thankful every day that I took that class.

@float13 @rune Indeed, I've recently had a tax ordeal because even some CPAs can only rely on the software and don't know how to sanity check whatever it outputs 😦

@unlofl @rune

That's part of a larger societal problem.

Lecture 0 of Computer Literacy: You can never actually trust a computer.

Lecture 1: Computers are programmed by people. Fallible, overworked, overconfident, under- (or over-)caffeinated people, who make mistakes.

Lecture 2: Due to Moore's Law and advances in Li-Ion battery technology, the formerly universal law "You can only trust a computer as far as you can throw it" no longer holds. See Lecture 0.

@float13 @unlofl American taxes.. I only had to file with the IRS once and I'm still not over that experience. All I had to do was fill in the info my employer had given me it still took me 6+ hours to figure out filing as an single alien with no dependents or any deductions.

Oh, and then they mailed me a check to denmark with my tax return.. Took several more hours to even find someone who'd cash that.

@rune I know it was taugh in school when I went, plenty of my peers still don't understand.

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