I kinda wish sites with reviews had options to exclude 1 star reviews from the statistic.

Sure, they say something, but often there are unreasonably many 1 star reviews vs 2 star reviews. And then when you go through the 1 star reviews there's so many petty reviews that make no sense.

There's a bunch of 1 star reviews on this business in all caps that are unbearable to read, but more interesting is this one (translated from Danish):
> I am in eternal debt and my shares have fallen drastically. I haven't eaten for 14 days and have been registered for debt collection :(

It doesn't explain what happened, if the business is at fault, or even if the customer disapproves of the business or just wants to vent?

@rune i assume 5-star and 1-star reviews are bought, and if something has only those, nobody has been there/used it


@pootriarch Pure 5 stars is suspicious, yeah, but in general I consider 5 stars to mean: I got service, it was pretty good, nothing upset me.

2, 3, and 4 star reviews are definitely the ones most worth reading if you're going to vet reviews

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