the thing that really gets me about universities is that they make employees teach even if all they want to do is do research.

In retrospect it makes so much sense it was shit when neither the students nor the teacher wanted to be there.

We had a professor one semester who straight up just showed us the white paper he wrote during his research and then put us into groups to work on implementing that for 4 months. Then we presented our implementations and got an individual grade for presentation.

There were no learning goals. It was complete fucking nonsense. On paper we weren't supposed to learn anything and all grades assigned for the course were 100% horse shit since you're measured against nothing.

@rune this sounds absurd, what was the course?

studied Math at @ASU and our profs were similar in that they were only there for their own research. but they didnt care about teaching, wouldnt answer questions in lecture, and our grade was based solely on two exams for the bulk of our upper division courses.

@jeff it's some nonsense software engineering course titled "Second Year Project - Software Development in Large Teams with International Collaboration".

From that title you'd expect we were taught something about how to organize, collaborate, and work together.. But there was no book and we sure weren't measured on it.

We did have good teachers and good courses, but there was a lot of nonsense and the university administration didn't care and just tried to cover the professors ass.

@rune weird. wouldnt it make more sense to teach different agile processes for development? tons of books out there. i assume anyway, I was too stupid for engineering lol

@jeff Certainly. We even had a course the year before where we read books on various development processes and "re-enacted" them so to speak. I wasn't a huge fan of that course, because it was very vague, but I respected it for what it was.

@rune connecting research with student's studies is important, at least at the more advanced levels, and there may be nobody else who can teach, however, if there are somebody else who can teach, then it may be better to have researcher who does single lectures but does not have responsibility for course. That way students get a chance to talk to somebody at the cutting edge of the subject, and the researcher, teaching closer to their core interest, is more motivated to teach

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