Just saw a PowerPoint slide "54% increased profit per employee" and since I won't be seeing that I should probably work less

Don't get me wrong, I already make good money, but if this was a coop I'd make insane money or we wouldn't rip off our customers

@rune 54% per employee would be amazing if they meant that. How many employees do they have?

@LovesTha 691, it's a mind blowing amount of profit to keep for a few owners. I'm surprisingly bitter about this fact.

@rune so profits rose 345x? I'd hope that's from a marginal base....

Or we'll just keep screaming at capitalism.

@LovesTha I believe they just mean the profits last year divided per employee vs the profits this year divided per employee represented as a percentage.

It's useful as a measure because the employee count increased ~200 over 3-4 years.

@rune Okay, that is the lesser bar for that measure. I'm not sure I buy it as a particularly useful metric in either definition. But both ways mean it's 'correct' to keep employing more people...

@LovesTha it's useful if your business model is buying companies and monitoring that you're improving the ratio between operational cost and profit across all the businesses. The primary cost being employee salaries.

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