Kubernetes seems very futuristic until you try to use ipv6, like at all.

Kubernetes 1.21 came out 8 days ago so you probably still shouldn't rush to use ipv6..

Why yes, I am fun at parties. Not raves, tho, I turn off all the LEDs.

climate change 

Okay, I'm starting to be seriously worried about the local effects in Danish weather.

It's now like a week in a row we've had it spontaneously start hailing. Not even snow, straight up hail. This is not normal.

It feels like the precursor of that 2004 movie "the day after tomorrow" where gigantic hails basically destroy a city.

The extreme air bubbles aren't really a result of this process, though. That's mostly a result of not using yeast in the dough.

I can't notice much difference between the result with and without yeast other than the air bubbles, so I might stop using yeast entirely.

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Been experimenting with a new pizza process. Making the dough as thin as possible and putting toppings on very sparingly.

The result: incredibly thin crusty pizza

Primary downsides I've noticed:
Have to put the pizza in the oven within a minute or it becomes so soggy I can't move it without breaking it
Not very filling per slice, but I use significantly less materials so it definitely comes out cheaper.
Almost too fragile, sometimes it breaks apart in my hands when I bite into it

Somewhere there's a landfill full of "Tokyo 2020" merchandise.

fucking cryptocurrency 

The fact that dogecoin price went up when Elon tweeted this garbage proves that people are idiots and cryptocurrency is a pyramid scheme.

Putting a dogecoin "on the moon" doesn't mean anything. If NASA wants to they can upload a dogecoin to mars RIGHT NOW. But they don't because so what? We already have bytes on mars...

Back in the start of last year my colleague had some fun.

translated from danish:
"Coffee machine is voice controlled

Due to the increased risk, we currently have with the Corona virus, this coffee machine is equipped with voice control.

You can order coffee by saying for example:
- brew coffee americano
- brew coffee black
- brew cocao"

Mp3 321 :blobthinkingglare:
Mp3 327 :blobthinkingglare:

Every individual track is 320 constant bitrate but together they're magically nonstandard higher bitrates 🤔

It seems like a lot of the heat/slowness is due to software issues. For example it's hilarious to open the system monitor to check CPU usage and then the system monitor using 67% of a core. It's nearly unusable.

But I think Linux on phones can become competitive with a lot more polishing and with some more... modern... hardware.

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My first impressions on a :

- It's kinda slow sometimes
- It gets really warm??
- Oh god, why isn't there a BACK button?!?

That being said. I'm actually impressed with how much stuff just works. It's not far from being a smart phone. And it absolutely has the feel of running Linux on a computer.

The most confusing part about this is that the emoji renders in the URL but not in the actual html page.

Also, Mastodon does NOT parse that link correctly.

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