I replaced pihole with a pure unbound DNS setup now.

I have a 29 line ruby script that parses the same dns blocklists that pihole uses and converts it into unbound compatible config. This can then just be included "include: /var/unbound/local-blocking-data.conf".

To do some analytics on what is resolved I wrote an other 35 line ruby script that parses all the logs and outputs one of:
- top 25
- random 25
- all lookups

Is minio seriously distributing their software exclusively through dl.min.io which gives me 18KB/s throughput?

I just need to download 110MB, it should take me half an hour...

Lol, someone discovered my DNS-over-TLS server and looked up antabaka.me 700k times in the past hour.

It has no TTL defined, which confused my pihole into forwarding every request. Luckily my unbound server isn't an idiot, so it cached it anyway.

Looks funny on the graphs when the usual 50% cache hit rate of my pihole went to 0.2% and my unbound cache hit rate went from ~30% to 99.9%.

Mpd apps were a bit lacking in functionality that I needed so I ended up building a "web app" that can do sleep timers and fix the system volume when I get it set too low while using the htpc for movies.

With that and a systemd timer, that starts music playback in the morning, I have completely substituted the sonos "smart" functionality on my sonos speakers.

It's that time of year again where I have to face how disgusting air is.

Same filter, one year later. If I could I'd prefer to just not breathe :blobcat0_0:

I feel like mastodon should clear my search input after I navigate away from search instead of just silently judging me for hours for looking for cows that break stuff.


Apparently even plex amp thinks it's Christmas. I didn't pick this.

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Why is youtube putting Japanese subtitles on the videos I'm watching?

I can't read this

I guess there's more than one way to make it irrelevant 🤔


"æbleskiver" are on sale again, which means it's Christmas now.

Remember when google.com didn't have ads on the front page?

In Denmark barber shops have pictures of obviously famous people hanging in the window or on the facade. And we all know that those people have never been to that shop never mind getting a haircut there.

It confuses me.

I'm digging the look of this one. It looks nothing like blåhaj but I can get 50 of them for the price of two blåhaj :blobstare:

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You already told me... Did you miss me already? Just had to bother me again?

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I've configured my homeserver as a HTPC as well. It's very snappy and I think part of the reason is that my old roku has ~70Mbps download and the server has a literally 46 times faster connection to itself.

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