I think it's fascinating that when you learn as a kid that planes fly over greenland to go from europe to america it's somehow explained as "due to the curvature of the earth it's faster to go up over the pole"

When the correct answer is literally "We fly over greenland because it's the straight way there"

This is not useful software.

I accidentally had my screenshot tool set to wait 3 seconds before taking a screenshot and I still EASILY got a screenshot showing slack loading.. because it's still loading and I've already managed to take that screenshot and post it to fedi..

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This gif won't stop living rent free in my head. So here:

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This one is doing numbers. I must have said something silly.

Not to jump to conclusions, but I'm gonna guess this service is memory leaking badly.

This tech sticker has strong accidental trans support vibes

Public restroom, disturbing 

Alright, who's the monster who designed these toilets? The toilet stalls are translucent! You can straight up see through them if the person on the other side of the glass is close enough.

Kubecon has stickers for indicating if you want to talk to other people and also for how close proximity you want to be to people who you're speaking with. Also a couple options pronoun stickers, but some might have to settle for "no pronouns, name"


Casual reminder that it isn't a fact that ethereum is switching to proof of stake. And it doesn't excuse their continued energy waste that they have lied for 5 years about being half a year from implementing PoS.

It seems like they've been making that claim for so long that surely nobody could believe it anymore.


I'm a little sad we're leaving in a grey DB train while the train on the next platform looks like a diesel punk spacecraft.

I got "paw patrol" ice cream at the ice cream place and the lady laughed and asked if I was serious. It looks super synthetic but it's delicious.

If you ever rent an airbnb and your room has an exposed drywall promise me you'll give them a terrible review. Wtf is this?

That's gotta be like the shortest woman.. Ever

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