@Dee @niconiconi @niplav I made an ed25519 SSH key but it doesn't work on half the stuff I connect to so I also made an rsa key and now I'm using both at the same time and could have saved everyone some time by just using rsa :blobsad:

Note to self: fediverse loves posts about feet.

Something about Maslow's hierarchy of needs where the pyramid is just "pictures of feet" all the way down

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You can now text a phone number to get machine learning generated picture of a pair of feet that doesn't exist.

I think human progress has peaked

ukpol brexit 

Me listening to BBC radio 2: "The British have gotten really whiny after Brexit"

Weird how some semi-old go projects are getting that haskell feel where it's supposed to "just build" but it takes me significant time and effort to get it to build.

@samgai Yes, you have to download the tar file ahead of time, but in terms of convenience it really doesn't add much.

I wouldn't do it from scratch in every repo, but for example at work we provide our own "base" images, which we push to our own registry. Until today those were based on dockerhub ubuntu images, but now we cut out that 3rd party.

So the only benefit to pulling ubuntu:<tag> is saving 3 lines in your dockerfile.. and trusting a 3rd party to MITM you for no good reason.

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@samgai make tons of minimal viable products and then trash nearly all of them! :blobcatgooglytrash:

@FediFollows @meena @rysiek I'm not sure if the US congress was intelligent enough to require bribes during last hearing.

@meena @rysiek the bare minimum to not get sued or regulated, of course.

@codewiz dd would probably be faster, but so much less convenient when you suddenly have no fedora installations

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@dredmorbius It's "serial" from the perspective of the minio client.

The problem is that I was clever and put 16 "disks" on one pool. So every file is read from 16 different folders on the same pool.

You can only get minio's replication feature if you enable erasure code/versioning and that forces you to write to 4 "disks" with a minimum of 2 parity disks, aka 200% disk usage. Setting that to 16 "disks" gives you only ~15% parity, but also terrible performance, apparently.

@alexandra I copied 16GB files from one bucket to another on one minio instance, which triggered replicating that 16GB to 2 other minio instances one of which were on the same machine.

I think the primary problem is the number of files created due to erasure code... I did not follow the best practices of the docs..


"01:28:05 up 3 days, 9:39, 3 users, load average: 302.62, 266.64, 154.55"

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