@reynir @dch or maybe drinking is exactly what it takes. You know what they say "can't solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them"

@carl hvor får du dataen fra? Du mangler mit lokale pizzaria 😁


@codewiz @tagomago oh, that sucks...

I had no charges on my Danish banks side. I recall the listed fee being pretty low, but I can't see it from my bank statement. At the time I remember the entire withdrawal was about as cheap as the JPY I had gotten in Denmark from an exchange.

@feld If we say we only care whether they're keeping useful changes proprietary, then I guess it doesn't matter which license you use.

But there is absolutely a case for saying "I don't want them to rewrite my software to work really well with Y other software if I can't also potentially offer that integration".

Saying we should switch to permissive licenses because AGPL doesn't solve all the problems seems at best a pointless rant because none of the other licenses do either.

@feld That's a fair argument for why AGPL isn't better for the project code base itself.

It's hard for me to say whether cloud vendors are adding proprietary code to a permissive project or "around" it to make it fit into their platform, but I agree it's entirely possible it isn't useful for upstream.

With that said, the monopolizing effect cloud vendors apply isn't in making a superior piece of software they can sell. They monopolize by making a collection of software work well in their cloud

@feld Is your argument that the cloud vendors aren't observed extending the specific software with proprietary extensions and thus aren't forcing people to use their version?

@feld That's gotta be trolling...

Permissive licenses literally enable "monopolising effects of cloud software".

The right answer is to lean into copyleft and use AGPL, which he even explains himself... "most vendors of cloud software simply refuse to use AGPL-licensed software, and either use a different implementation with a more permissive license, or re-implement the necessary functionality themselves"

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As #GoogleIsEvil, G👀gle does evil things. This time they want every website, to OPT OUT of their spyware by setting a specific HTTP header.

So some people are (thinking of) sending patches to all the webserver software maintainers and urging every FUCKING SITE on the internet to apply that HTTP header.

Are you fucking INSANE?

How about creating a new HTTP status/error code:
"666: Fuck off G👀gle"

and return that to every user using #Google Chrome

Adapting the internet to G👀gle's whims 🤦

@FimbulK @saxnot Caffeine stimulates dopamine production so it can help you focus.

But I just use it because it makes me feel good.

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@feld Oh, that's so much better than "pp" in ruby.

@dch I'm somewhat familiar with the functional flow from F#, but I've long written my ruby code in a similar way only using built in data types.

It's mostly just learning to reverse my logic flow into everything being functions for specific data types 🤔

And then there is figuring out exactly how the types work and relates.

I guess I'm kinda liking how easy it is to find the methods once I know which module to look in.

Tab completion is excellent in iex so writing "List." and tabbing shows all options (including number of arguments for overloads).

So it's a quite seamless flow to get help on a method typing "h List." then tabbing, then choosing ".last" and getting the specific docs.

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US horribleness 

@feld @coin Back up... if it's a stressful situation to be aiming a gun at an unarmed child then maybe don't aim your gun at a child.

@codewiz @tagomago Very worst case you could get it out of an ATM over some days?

I recall not paying that much to pull out ~500 dollars. But maybe BofA will skin you alive on their own fees :ablobgrimace:

Getting started with Elixir is proving more difficult than expected.

I've grown very used to everything being objects. Elixir being more functional means I have to reference the type's corresponding module instead of checking the objects methods.

> [1, 2].first
=> 1

> List.first([1, 2])
=> 1

Although I suppose it'll pay off in the end through being more explicit and simplifying weird object inheritance stuff..

@hund I can recommend Joplin.

I sync it with Nextcloud and it works fine on Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, etc.

@x_cli @rysiek But you're not even "leveraging" the client computing power.

Converting markdown to html once is essentially free.

Converting markdown to html millions of times is idiotic.

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