You ever read a take so bad you have to really concentrate just to not say something mean? Damn that was tough to resist..

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"we can't DO things or people might get mad at us" - all democrats apparently

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it's just too much effort for something that doesn't matter

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I want to post a take on cohost, but I honestly don't care

@jalefkowit Wait, is it more ethical to accept it as a wire transfer?

Weird that deciding on whether or not to delete "The Lone Ranger" from my movie library is a political decision and not because Johnny Depp is playing a native American.

@errant I'm not sure. Sometimes it feels like they just got some money to do a follow up and then trashed it. I guess if the second movie is bad enough it could kill the series.

Going through my movie library there really is a trend of second movies being terrible.. Unless there's more than two movies then the second movie may be fine.

I don't usually have a hard time with social cues but a colleague just broke something, fixed it, and then DM'd me to apologize for it even though I have nothing to do with it. I am so puzzled.

you know what they say, the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long cause it's sleeping until mid day.

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When I was a teenager I kept hearing adults say "youth lethargy" in response to me being tired or sleeping late.. Well, jokes on them, I'll be 28 in a few months and I'm worse than ever at getting up for work.

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@rysiek @1ll173r47 @Paul It's also worth noting that republicans are notorious for over spending and tax cuts causing economic problems after their term. If economic downturn is an excuse to not fix things, then there will always be an excuse.

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@rysiek @Paul The democrats get a lot more credit than they deserve for being "opposite" to the republican party. But at best they're just somewhat to the left of them, which is why they've been fine with the status quo that has lead to this nightmare.

2 party systems aren't democratic. And certainly not when bribes are built into the system.

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@rune you know it's secure because it uses base58 encryption

@Dee base58 passwords are the best:


@rysiek Hmm, encryption wouldn't speed it up. I think the speed difference is because they're serving HTTP/1.1 unencrypted and HTTP/2 encrypted.

@evelyn I like pypi /s

% pip search sds
RuntimeError: PyPI's XMLRPC API is currently disabled due to unmanageable load and will be deprecated in the near future.

wow, instead of checking whether you have root privileges flatpak will just prompt you for sudo a billion times.

This is so much better than the old package managers..

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@welshpixie "get in the fucking ocean" is my new favorite retort

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