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Finally going to the optician after almost a year of neglect.

My contact prescription is certainly getting replaced.

Sometimes I think about the fact that MobileCoin is an American company that says in large letters that no person from or in the US may buy their product.

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It's fucked. It's all fucked. Signal is announcing in the newest beta verstion integration of a random crypto shitcoin. Gonna attract all the crazies nobody wants in this.

Gonna trigger a mass exodus after so many years fighting to have people to use the app and all the alternatives are not good enough.

Really tired of changing messaging platforms every 2 years on my life.

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@rysiek @h3artbl33d when we were doing Ubuntu Phone, Signal was actively hostile to us making a client.

...reason we ended up with good Telegram support.

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I've written ~200 lines, but I'm unsure if it actually works and I'd prefer not to find out until tomorrow.

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Do you ever write code but then postpone actually running it so you don't have to face judgement now?

covid pass 

The only safe and respectable way to reopen is to bring down community transmission to a point where anyone can participate without great risk of getting sick.

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covid pass 

And this is before we even get to the ridiculous notion of this being safe.

Because it's presented like you can just go back to normal as long as you provide this pass.

But testing negative a few days ago does not mean you're negative today. And even being vaccinated you may still be a carrier, putting every unvaccinated-but-tested-negative person at risk.

It's just overall ridiculous to me. It's not fair and it's not safe with our current knowledge of vaccine effects.

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covid pass 

Sure, they say you can just get tested and use that as proof within a short period of time.

But that requires you to plan ahead 2-3 days, because it take time to get results on and the test can get lost. I wouldn't be able to guarantee that I could participate in something with less than 3 days of given notice.

That's a serious difference, which will prevent me from doing many things in the next year and a half.

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covid pass 

The whole concept of a covid pass infuriates me.

At current vaccination rates, I doubt I will even be able to get vaccinated until early 2022.

Only 7% of the population in Denmark has been vaccinated. So you're penalizing 93% because they weren't in a specific group of people literally sorted by discriminating parameters.

I ordered a "deltaco" product and while I know it isn't mexican food I will still be disappointed when it arrives and I can't eat it.

In danish it's called "crypting" and "decrypting" and I will never stop insisting that it should be called "encrypting"


One is just clearly wrong.

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I like* how the definition of "Open source smart assistant" is "You can see the source of the client that does nothing but listen for a wakeword then sends the audio off to some closed third party cloud for processing"

By my standards today I'd just delete them all. And some of them are almost impossible to decipher because they're so blurry but I still keep them.

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I blows my mind how bad photos I took with my phone were 10 years ago.

I've deleted hundreds of photos for being a bit blurry in the past two years. But of all the pictures I took in 2011-2013 there are maybe a handful that aren't entirely blurry.

I get a bit uncomfortable every time I hear about someone searching the internet by typing a question into the search field.

It's a search field, not a question field. You'll find things that MATCH your query, not things that ANSWER it. You gotta write words that someone would write to answer your question.

Do people not understand the difference?

Hold on.. The population of Tokyo, the city, roughly matches the population of Canada, the country 🤯

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