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sh is a full-fledged subprocess replacement that allows you to call any program as if it were a function

Sometimes my robot vacuum unplugs my power strip. I think it's when it feels neglected and is telling me to stop working.

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Ordered a new bike now after my 6 year old bike checked out.

Apparently there's a major bike shortage due to the Suez canal incident. In one bike shop they expected it to take 2-3 years to fully recover and their inventory was seriously limited. The other shop I was in I also overheard trouble with inventory.

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captcha rant 

I honestly want to see every poorly implemented CAPTCHA treated as an ADA violation. I want to see Google get hit with a hefty fine every time someone with limited mobility or impaired motor skills or someone who is neurodivergent is prevented from accessing a web service in a reasonably timely manner. They'd be bankrupt in a day.

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firefox gui grilling 

wtf is any of this what the fuck happened

I'm seriously impressed by for having me on a mailing list for 8 years without me even realizing. Probably violating some kind of gdpr laws in the process.

Today it was ARP instead of DNS 🤯

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This new firefox redesign might be the most horrible yet

% git init
% echo "rm -rf .git" > .git/hooks/pre-commit
% chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit
% touch test.txt
% git add test.txt
% git commit -m "test"
fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

Aahh, perfection :blobamused:

Every time my phone can't spell some brand name I get a little conflicted. I'm happy it can't spell it, but I need to fix the name and inadvertently teach my phone how to spell it.

Ahhh, uv index of 1 now at 7 pm. Perfect time to sunbathe :blobcheer:

world pol 

There's a 78% chance that I make freudian slip when talking/writing about South Korea where I just say "Korea". My brain barely recognizes the existence of North Korea, apparently.

With a UV index of 5-6 today I'm actually afraid of going outside until it's settled down a bit

Can't believe that meme is over a decade old now

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With risk of outing myself as an old person:

Redrafting a post thrice... Not a good track record today.


Yes, I live in a housing co-op like a filthy socialist. We share everything, especially our toothbrushes.

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My apartment complex employs a guy to take care of maintenance and ad-hoc tasks. It's full time and sometimes it kinda seems like a dream job for him. He just goes around doing whatever he wants, improvising stuff and fixing things.

He's always in a good mood and it benefits our cooperative a lot. Every year I hear the board mentioning how he saved us money fixing something, which we'd otherwise need to pay a contractor for. Plus everything is always neat and orderly around here.

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@cypnk I sort of went on a deep dive yesterday on this.

It seems like NFTs create artificial scarcity. Like a fancy DRM. Artificial scarcity is in the realm of govt and manipulation of markets, which is always a bad thing, whether it be from a moral standpoint or simply a numbers standpoint. Ergo NFTs are not a good thing from where I'm standing.

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