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Wake me up when ethereum finished switching to staking and bitcoin died in a fire.

But who actually has that kind of time? I get exhausted just washing the covers a few times on a good year..

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I think we can safely conclude I am not allergic to dust mites..

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Well, shit, the recommended frequency to wash your blankets and pillows is twice a year..

I've done it... *checks notes* ah, right, I've never washed the blankets or pillows themselves in 8 years... Only the pillowcases and blanket covers :blobcat0_0:

k8s struggles 

You gotta love when you've laid out a neat example for people to follow and the first thing they do is change the example and notice that it no longer works.


Although.. If trump "won" last time then I guess he can't run in 2024? Check mate republicans :thinksplatter:

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Oh no, it's soon been a year since the US presidential election which means we'll start the 3 year long campaigning process shortly...

Diabetes inducing 

Maple sirup is really good at making cane sugar stick to things 😋

I programmed for about 12 hours yesterday and I am dead today.

It was a lot of fun, but.. Definitely over did it.

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It's that time of year again where I have to face how disgusting air is.

Same filter, one year later. If I could I'd prefer to just not breathe :blobcat0_0:

A follow up on this: I woke up from nightmares at 10 and then after 10 min I fell asleep again until 14..

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Ranting on mpd 

It's absurd how many awful MPD client apps exist on Android.

Half of them don't even work. Most of the ones that do have awful UX or missing features. The only good app is mpdroid and it starts with a warning that it was written for an old version of Android. Oh and it randomly crashes sometimes when the server enters a state it can't parse. But at least the UX is actually decent..

Why am I awake at 3:35 on a Sunday morning?? This is not conductive to me getting up at 9 Monday.

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Uh, I totally forgot that after setting up my own mail server I can finally get a proper mail account for my Mastodon server instead of just relying on my old provider not enforcing SPF/DMARC and allowing me to put whatever I want in the sender field.

Being the sole admin on an instance is weird. I have to report a user to myself before I can get the option to report that user to their instance admin.

Feels like maybe there could be an option so I don't just sit around emailing myself about moderation 🤔

Enjoying some locally streamed music

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