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I still can't make an ipv6 request without connecting to a VPN over ipv4.

And it's been less than two years since I earned a certificate with my middle name mangled by an idiot still not using utf-8.

At this rate I fully expect my gravestone to have my name mangled by a non utf-8 encoding.

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Ipv6 and utf-8 both came out around the time or right before I was born to solve tons of problems.

They're still not fully implemented and I still have to live with the consequences of IT people refusing to make logical decisions for longer than I have been alive.

In case you were wondering why I cynically don't expect ipv6 to ever replace ipv4.

This is Korpi. He's a chaotic good champion and mechanic who journeys through the world on a quest for his deity (not an actual god just a super scary dragon).

He uses two shields because each shield is kinda unreliable, so if one breaks he can still use the other until he gets a minute to patch it back together with some duct tape.

I haven't quite figured out how a dragon has managed to give him healing powers, but I assume the lay on hands is some kind of magical fire.

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The only correct way to create a pathfinder/dnd character is to first find ridiculous character art and then build your character from that

cryptocurrency, not actually a fun fact 

Fun fact: the only unquestionably good thing Satoshi Nakamoto has contributed to this world is base58 encoding

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Then denying that any other characters exist outside the base58 charset

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Updating all my software to use base58 encoding instead of UTF-8

black friday 

With just a week left I've already gotten 4 emails about black friday, so I guess now is a good a time as any to say... happy human sacrifice for capitalism celebration day! 🥳

And remember, if you don't know the exact item you want to buy, then you're getting tricked into consuming. Companies aren't giving you good deals because they're nice. They're doing it because the artificial scarcity and time pressure makes you buy shit you wouldn't otherwise buy.

@montagsoup I tried this and received mixed responses including "hey we were using those" "wtf how did you access our exchange servers" "gmail is just showing an empty page??" and "thank god i'm going back to sleep".

9/10 times I will read a title or an image description about "crows" and somehow read "cows". I'll then look at the image and go "those are birds, not cows" before doubling back and realizing I'm damn near illiterate.

I just sneezed so hard my elbow started hurting...

This is a valid bash script and I hate it

#! /bin/bash
if /bin/\[ $1 -gt 100 ]
echo "hey that's a large number"

blazing hot AI take that techies are definitely not ready for, caps 

It is nearly impossible to train a neural network to do anything but recreate the status quo and you can certainly never teach it to have independent guiding values from the training data or anything resembling a social imagination. Using it outside of EXTREMELY NARROW, PURELY ADVISORY contexts where this can't really be much of a problem like assisting in the classification of medical imagery for predicting disease presence should be permanantly banned butlerian-jihad style.


Dave Chappelle, Trans issues 

It really bothers me that it has to be like this... Why is everything just click bait and false flag operations?

If even large news orgs buy into unsubstantiated stories and retroactively make a lie "sourced" then how is anyone supposed to know what is true?

At least republicans usually have the decency of making their lies so fucking stupid any reasonable person won't believe them.

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Dave Chappelle, Trans issues 

If this is true, then that's much much worse than all the shitty jokes Dave made in the show :blobawkward:

My biggest hesitation in sharing this is that the source of this is kind of "the lack of proof".. But I don't really know how you'd source a counter argument to an unsubstantiated claim, which everyone just took as fact in the first place..

Submitted my first GDPR complaint today.

No clue how it's going to go, but it wasn't all that bad. Took a few minutes to fill out a form and then some more minutes to collect the relevant emails.

Omfg... TWO DAYS is how long it took them to "forget" that they deleted me from the system and I just got a new spam email from them.

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Miramax is suing Tarantino because Tarantino is going to sell Pulp Fiction related NFTs and there's literally no one to root for

Apparently I can't spell at all after 3 am apparently. Not even autocorrect can fix it.

Misread "tech distopia" as "tech dysphoria" and that sounds different but also extremely uncomfortable.

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