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DER certificate support added and upstream merge request submitted.

It turned out quite beautiful if you ask me.

And now we wait :blobcatpopcorn:

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Making changes to an upstream repo to fit my use-case.

It works 100% for me now, but, sigh, some people use DER formatted certificates so now I have to implement support for that if I want any chance of upstreaming.. :blobcatmeltcry:

ruby, long, code example 

Shift's current behavior is almost always what you want, but I just don't understand why they broke convention here.

% object.nil

Follows a similar convention and doesn't work. You must use the question mark to indicate you want a boolean response.

% object.nil?

So the answer can't be that it's confusing when there is no method without the point. It's just part of the name

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ruby, long, code example 

Ruby has a neat convention of methods returning a new object by default and only modifying objects when the method has an exclamation point.

% arr = [2,1,3]
% arr.sort
% arr
% arr.sort!
% arr

But shift is just weird. Shift will return the first element from arr, but also modify arr even though it has no exclamation point.

% arr.shift
% arr
% arr.shift!
Did you mean? shift

Turns out the problem wasn't even in Lagrange. But they helped point me in the right direction so soon I can upstream a fix to the gemini server project I'm using.

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Posting a question on the issue tracker and getting a useful response from the main developer in 23 minutes.

Just indie software things :blobcatlove:

New levels of weird shit in k8s cluster management. The certs weren't getting automatically renewed but our tooling ran without error every 30 min..

tooling: kubeadm pls gief new cert
kubeadm: I have no idea what you want me to do, but let's just pretend i did it. Exit code 0.
tooling: cool, thanks!
me, later: Why the heck is the cert about to expire??

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It used to be easy to get cursed into an animal shape. Witches were an abundant resource, straightforwatd to find and easy to provoke. But we grew reliant on witch curses. It started being an annoyance for them, and so they retreated further and further into obscurity. Every day the demand placed on the remaining known witches increases, depleting their patience faster and faster. We as a subculture are on the brink of a disaster, and it is time to face the situation. We MUST transition to renewable mushroom circles and enchanted ponds before we reach peak witch

It's bonkers. Do you know they just LET you create favorite points and give them away for free to anyone you like?? It's true! I've mined thousands of them and nobody has tried to stop me yet.

Wondering how many subthreads I can make on this thread before getting chartodon to draw this beautiful mess

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An insomniac saga 

I am hopeful.

Thursday: 5:00 to 8:45 (fml)
FRIDAY: holy crap I made it to tomorrow without falling asleep way too early. Now all I need to do is to fall asleep soon and get 7 continuous hours of sleep.

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Me eating with a spoon
- scoop up food
- try to put in mouth
- make a mess all over my beard
- put down spoon
- carefully clean beard with tissue
- pick up spoon
- make a mess again
- sigh

Crafting elaborate posts catering to specific fedi demographics to get them to boost/interact so I can discover their profiles and follow them :blobcatbusiness:

Last night I had a really good dream about ice cream and soda. Needless to say, today I am living the dream.

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And now electricity is so expensive that the gvmt is gonna pop in 6000 000 000 SEK. To the extent that even one öre of that is because of PoW mining, that is severely messed up. Miners have ruthless disregard for externalities and the interconnectedness and interdependence of human activity. New inroads into plundering the Earth 💔.

Taking recommendations on people to follow on topics:
Medicine, fiction books, art, politics, science, india, bouldering, knitting, puzzles, and.. I dunno, stuff women talk about when I run out of the room to look at a shiny python script? :blobcateyes:

I've discovered a lot of my follows are too techy to recommend to people who aren't interested in tech :blobcatsadreach:

fedi admin life 

Gf discovered this post. Send help. Urgently.

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fedi admin life 

This already turned out to be a mistake. Despite posts auto deleting after 90 days gf has already found incriminating posts I made in confidentiality (between me and fedi)

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I should really start saving the image description for meme responses I use.

I've captioned the same type of "this is fine" dog meme 5-6 times by now.

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