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My girlfriend is the worst

Go lang rant 

I'm also just so tired of checking for errors or boolean statuses.

Look if your filter function returns an empty array then I obviously don't need a second variabel to know that the fucking filter didn't match.

I call it a filter function, but it's just a dictionary where it returns whatever values are on that key. Obviously go wouldn't have an actual filtering function.

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Go lang rant 

It doesn't even do the whole thing I need. There's some 3 page long stackoverflow article about why it has to be done like that, but like.. I'm just asking the http lib to give me the headers and then I'm iterating over them to get match the prefix.. It's such a standard thing to do and I know ruby can do it in a single line by asking for the headers and running a filter method.

Do people really enjoy reinventing basic functionality for the sake of "performance"?

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Go lang rant 

It's really bothered me working with it today. I know it's partially that I've not worked with it for so long, but also just..

I fought to get all headers starting with a certain prefix out of the http server lib forever today and when I got it working I texted my colleague the code and said it looks like cursed arcane scribbles. He agrees with me and then sends me a snippet from an other project that's even more cursed as an alternative.

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I hate golang for making me write for loops. What the is the point of a for loop just give me some damn select and map functions..

Traveling home at 3/4 am on a Saturday is a mess. I seriously don't remember people being this wasted when I used go out often.

I'm too brain washed by ruby's philosophy I guess.

But also, just.. The performance loss of not writing go is never relevant? So I'm just punishing myself for imaginary gains.

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I don't like writing go.

I used to think I was just not very used to it.. But it fights me at every turn.

Sigh, I forgot upgrading from Ubuntu focal means bricking my firefox browser.

I guess I'll download waterfox as a tarball and run that instead. The future is amazing.

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From the Birbsite 

She is taking NONE of his bullshit and I am HERE FOR IT.


A judge scolded right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on Tuesday for lying under oath during his defamation trial in Travis County, Tex.

“You must tell the truth while you testify,” Judge Maya Guerra Gamble said. “This is not your show.”


the certificate on has expired :BlobhajShock:

Strangely Jellyfin released not one but two broken releases on dockerhub today.

Had to go back to the version from a month ago to get it working again. Otherwise most my media just wouldn't play.

I just think there should be more of a middle ground between doing math in your head and writing it on a piece of paper and then doing a phd in nutrition.

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I was looking for a calorie counting app and all of them were just plain horrible. Hundreds of features, focused on stuff I don't want, demanding extremely precise data entry to even register your intake.

I ended up installing one that hasn't been updated since 2018. It has a circle graph with the total count, a calories per day graph, and an up and down button that increase or decrease the calories counter by 100.

There's a setting to change the increment step, but it doesn't work. Perfection

Pretty sure this is a reused post, good for the environment!

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i am jack's complete lack of motivation

I just discovered there was no toilet paper.. In my own damn house. What is wrong with me??

personal finance, banks 

I hate how every time I talk to a bank I end up filling out a budget spreadsheet and pretending that I follow a budget from month to month..

When the truth is just that I make enough money that I don't have to plan it out exactly. Since I'm naturally somewhat frugal there's some headroom and I don't have to try to not use it, it just sort of works out.

> we must strengthen our corporate identity


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