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I still use mpd without these scripts working, but listening to music in the morning is easily half of my usage and I just don't if it doesn't turn on by itself.

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Finally fixed my mpd scripts. I had one that reset the volume to a sane level if nothing had been playing for 30 min. And another that started playing a radio station in the morning.

I am going to fucking die tomorrow when I have to be at the office at 9. I didn't even sleep last night until 4:30.

Ditto "--help". Until we can figure out getting help and a version number on the first try I really don't think we can solve any problem in computer science.

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Someone should invent a shell plugin that just takes -v/--version/version/whatever you can type and auto translates it to the dumb command line tool you're trying to get the version of

it actually does run perfectly once I got it installed. Solid 60 fps and I even played genji ping pong online and won a round using my trackpad.

Ok, there was one bug where people wouldn't die when they fell over the edge of the map in one specific place, but repairing the game fixed it? Maybe it was just a restart that did it.

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I take it all back. Lutris and WINE work perfectly now that I have my game working. You all must be doing something wrong /s

I can't recommend running a windows game in 4k resolution on a linux laptop.

Switching down to 1080p dropped 20C off my GPU and CPU temps

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I don't know if it's playable, but the game installed AND launched.

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holy crap. I installed a bunch of random packages and retried the installer 3 times and now it works!

I am officially IN the circle!!

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why does something on my network keep resolving

plain html 

<html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body>
<h2>Object moved to <a href="">here</a>.</h2>

That's a new one? I guess /404 is a page that exists, but it seems disingenuous to say it _moved_ there.

I hope yall appreciate this graph. I had to make it twice because the first one didn't export correctly from and when I found out I had already deleted my diagram.

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I've taken the time to make a Venn diagram mapping my hypothesis.

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of course it only got worse after the whole 64/32 bit package split..

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Lots of games have had near perfect ratings for a decade but they still never install on my machine.

I can't be the only one right?

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I swear, there has to be some kind of intersection between:
- people for who WINE/lutris/winetricks just works out of the box
- people who rate program support on

I'm jumping between two dirs and editing the same two files in each dir.

When I type "cd .." it auto suggests the other dir. And when I type "vim" it knows I want to edit the file from my history which is inside the current directory 🤯

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Wait, fish shell is like way smarter than the zsh autosuggestions plugin.

Why didn't anyone tell me? I've wasted my life pressing keys to get zsh to understand what I want to do 😩

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